Winter 2022  vol. 41, no. 4 

President's Message

by Dominique Yarritu, PhD, LMFT

"As the year draws to an end, I am grateful for all that has happened here at SCV-CAMFT in these last few months."

vision for 2023

Community Focus: Working with Psychedelics in the South Asian Community

Interview with Jyoti Nadhani, LMFT and Liliana Ramos, LMFT, SCV-CAMFT Director-at-Large

"I see deep rooted issues being addressed and changes happen so quickly."

Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (Part IV) 

by Mark Mouro, LMFT

"I can definitely say that I am a different version of myself with each client and that is due to who the client is and the unique way we connect."

A Slice of Humor: Greetings 
by Edna Wallace, LMFT

“A hug says it all. In that moment, that is all you need. "

Upcoming Events

Trauma Informed Mindfulness

Presented by Angela Luna (3 CEUs)
Friday, January 20


Tour de Law and Ethics

Presented by Dave Jensen, JD (6 CEUs)
Friday, February 17, 9AM - 12:15PM and
, February 18, 9AM - 12:15PM


Intimacy Counseling with Couples

Presented by Dr. Marty Klein (3 CEUs)

Friday, February 24, 4:30 - 7:30

Michael's at Shoreline, Mountain View and ONLINE

Nature as Co-Therapist: An Introduction to Ecotherapy

Presented by Rev. Connie Habbash, LMFT (3 CEUs)
Saturday, March 18, 9AM - 12:15PM

Onsite - TBD

Presentation by Jyoti Nadhani, LMFT (2 CEUs)
Saturday, April 29


Online Support Groups

Black Therapist and Associate Support Groups:
Fourth Saturdays at 10AM w/Erica Jenkins, LMFT

Pre-Licensed Support Groups:
First Fridays at 10AM w/Natasha Kazmi, LMFT
First Saturdays at 11AM w/Jim Arjani, LMFT

Newly Licensed Support Groups:
Second Fridays at 10AM w/Saru Sivanesan, LMFT

Third Saturdays at 1PM w/Della Fernandes, LMFT

SCV-CAMFT Therapist Support Groups:
Third Fridays at 10AM w/Nasrin Farr, LMFT and Cindy Gum, LMFT

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