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  • Monday, June 13, 2022 9:41 AM | Anonymous  
    ORGANIZATION BACKGROUND:    The Family Service Agency of the Central Coast (FSA) is a quite remarkable nonprofit organization providing since 1957 an array of respected behavioral health services in Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito counties. The range of services includes counseling for children, adults, couples, and families; suicide-prevention, a 24-hour suicide and crisis hotline and outreach service; mental health support to victims of child sexual abuse and their allies, and to women and their families dealing with cancer; peer counseling to elders living independently and, friendly visitors and emotional support to care facilities residents. Centered in Santa Cruz, with regional services to a population of more than 800,000 residents, in a coastal and agricultural area known for its recreational and educational amenities, including two State university campuses, and its environmental values and quality-of-life, this invaluable organization offers to the exceptional chief executive officer an extraordinary opportunity for gratifying leadership.

    Executive Director David Bianchi announced his retirement in May, marking 35 years of distinguished institution-building that has seen one transformation after another in the evolution of the Family Service Agency. A much-loved and respected leader, David’s iconic contribution will be celebrated in part by the opportunity of his successor to build on David’s legacy. Among the distinctions enjoyed by FSA, and certainly key achievements in David’s legacy, is the unusually long tenure of its staff, the dedication and energy of its armies of volunteers, and its notable history of rigorous financial management resulting in balanced budgets, significant liquid stabilizing reserves, and adaptability to the vicissitudes of a turbulent environment, including the pandemic of recent years. The next Executive Director of FSA will enjoy the enviable opportunity to build on this legacy.

    The Board of the Family Service Agency, ideally comprised of 7-9 actively engaged members, is currently at 6. The Board is fully committed and unusually long-term in service. Staff numbers 35-45, about one-third of whom are full-time. More than 400 volunteers significantly amplify FSA’s reach. The annual budget of FSA has been consistently close to $2 million, but is projected as growing considerably to $2.5 – $3 million in the current and following fiscal year, as new funding will dramatically increase suicide-prevention services. Volunteers serving on “Friends Committees” support fundraising for two distinct programs, as does the work of the Daisy Auxiliary operating the “Daisy Store,” complemented by support from local foundations and government. Historically, thanks to long-term scrupulous financial management, unrestricted rainy-day or program expansion reserves have grown to over $700,000 despite the 2008 recession and the current pandemic. A recent Board-driven initiative to encourage planned giving has resulted in the establishment of two $50,000 endowment funds expected to seed future efforts.

    Family Service Agency programs include:

    • Suicide-Prevention, which is being greatly expanded currently to implement “988” services as one of 13 regional California hotlines, evolving from a staff-supported volunteer cadre to a much larger volunteer and staffed program;
      Senior Outreach, recruiting and managing volunteers to develop contact relationships with and support to seniors living independently in the community;
      I-You Venture, organizing visits by volunteers who plan activities and offer supportive relationships to residents in senior and assisted living facilities;
      WomenCARE, organizing volunteers who offer supportive services to women managing and/or surviving from cancer and their families;
      Survivors Healing Center, organizing volunteers and paid facilitators to provide support to survivors of child sexual abuse;
      Daisy Auxiliary/Daisy Store, the preeminent all-volunteer upscale women’s resale clothing store, located near Santa Cruz in Capitola, dedicating all net proceeds to the general support of FSA.

    It is notable that among the examples above, except for Senior Outreach and the Daisy Auxiliary/Daisy Store, every one of these programs existed at one time as a small and independent project agency whose leaders became persuaded that their work could be perpetuated better under the auspices of a larger organization with a more-inclusive mission – and their choice was Family Service Agency. To the credit of FSA, FSA has accepted six agencies through mergers over the past 35 years. The success of these and others in this diverse array is a credit to today’s FSA. Overseeing these programs, supporting their varying missions and roles, providing staff oversight and support, and promoting their proud battalions of volunteers is a signature accomplishment, and will be an exciting challenge to the next Executive Director.

    In addition to the programs above is the Counseling Services program, employing staff, volunteers, and supervised clinical interns in providing individual and group counseling at sliding scale rates emphasizing affordability to middle and low-income clients.  These behavioral health services, addressing the challenges to individuals and family systems, were the founding reason and origin of FSA and reflect the commitment of the organization to promote mental health in every way possible. The mission and values of FSA are reflected in this core counseling programs and infuse all other FSA services.

    The Family Service Agency is at an inflection point in its development, and the challenges of leadership transition and multi-year change management will enhance this leadership opportunity for the qualified Executive Director. In addition to the considerable challenge of easing into and learning how best to lead an organization that has become so adapted to the leadership of a long-serving predecessor, the next Executive Director must address two programmatic challenges that are current and of high priority:

    • The expansion of paid staff and budget to implement the dramatically expanded suicide-prevention program will require close and deft management during a relatively short transition;
      The changing economics of the counseling programs, historically central to FSA’s mission, will require entrepreneurial leadership and organization adaptability. The increase in internet-facilitated therapy has prompted many licensed therapists to work remotely, shifting to private practice, making it economically more difficult for FSA to recruit licensed therapists to a site-based setting, where, in addition to their own counseling, they have supervised paid associates and trainees – eager to accumulate directed-hours toward their licensing requirements – and who have historically augmented FSA staff in exchange for their training and supervision. This tele-health trend, accelerated by the pandemic, has made it more difficult to recruit and retain counseling staff at all levels, has increased personnel and operating costs, and has reduced demand for on-site services. In the absence of innovative operating models that compensate for this trend, counseling services may not continue to be financially viable without enhanced support from non-earned income sources, with special implications for both the entrepreneurial and fundraising abilities of the next Executive Director.

    Family Service Agency is an incredibly efficient organization at that organizational budget size that places high demands on its no-job-too-small, 360-degree managing chief executive officer. The Executive Director and Finance Director plus three support staff members essentially manage most administrative and core counseling functions, supported by several long-term direct staff who report to the Executive Director, and a small number of program middle managers, plus clinical staff, interns, and cohorts of volunteers. This CEO-centric organization has achieved its success through the ability of the leader to manage down, up, and out, to earn the trust of a small, long-serving Board, the confidence of diverse volunteers, and the ability to inspire and to capitalize on the devotion to mission of all stakeholders. A successful Executive Director will have the values, skill-sets, energy, integrity, and collaborative management style to perpetuate this successful leadership.

    RESPONSIBILITIES:    The Executive Director is responsible for the management and operation of all programs and services provided by the Family Service Agency, for implementing all policy decisions of the governing Board, and for employing and supervising a staff whose dedication and high morale creates a healthy working environment and produces quality of service more than adequate to achieve Board objectives. S/he oversees the administrative and fiduciary functions of FSA. S/he represents FSA to the community and builds strong relationships with people served, key stakeholders, volunteers, staff, and the Board.  

        Specifically, the Executive Director:
    •    Helps determine and ensure, in partnership with the governing Board, that the mission, vision, and values of FSA are carried out.  
    •    Anticipates changing community needs with vision and imagination, initiates long-range strategic and operational planning with the Board and others, and is responsible and accountable for implementation of all such plans.
    •    Demonstrates a high level of business acumen.  Works with the staff to recommend budgets, oversees revenues and expenditures, maintains internal controls and financial discipline, and works closely with the Board and FSA’s independent auditor to ensure the financial wellbeing of the organization.
    •    Embodies an entrepreneurial sophistication and capacity to assess cost-benefits and financial risk that enables FSA to pursue development opportunities for reorganized, new or expanded services, as part of a well-conceived and articulated framework, value-based and strategically-oriented. Is able also to assess the cost-benefits of ongoing programs and, if and when necessary, to make politically unpopular recommendations to the Board when certain program services may no longer be sustainable or justifiable. Above all, s/he must be a visionary with extraordinary capacity to mobilize physical and human resources to implement programs and services.
    •    Works closely with Board members, community friends of FSA and staff to identify, cultivate, and solicit public funding as well as private sources for charitable gifts in support of the programs of FSA. Increases charitable giving to supplement earned income and to fund operations, capital requirements, and growth at a level appropriate to FSA’s needs, present and future.
    •    Appreciates the power of volunteerism in amplifying the services of an organization, in attracting funding, in increasing community visibility, in enhancing branding, and in building internal morale, commitment, and effectiveness.
    •    Works closely with all external funding sources and other service providers with shared interests and promotes inter-organizational partnerships wherever collaboration can enhance such services in the region. Appreciates the value of networking and earns the respect of other agencies through a style of collaboration that places the interests of people served above all else.
    •    Understands knowledge management, program evaluation, the usefulness of metrics, and is comfortable with information technology and its broad applications. Appreciates the importance of social media, branding, website design, marketing, and media relations in projecting FSA to the community and all current and prospective stakeholders.
        •    Represents and is an articulate, informed, persuasive, charismatic advocate of FSA to community stakeholders, government, associations, agencies, and the media. Has the gravitas and charisma to be the recognizable face of a highly-regarded service organization.
    •    Oversees and approves contracts, maintains an agency-wide standard of operation that sets a high standard with respect to all regulations, and complies with all external reporting requirements. Takes executive responsibility for agency compliance with all applicable non-profit laws, labor/workplace laws, contractual obligations, and donor restrictions, and maintains appropriate internal policies and procedures to ensure such compliance. Manages with such a high level of commitment to accuracy, transparency, and trust – and demands the same from all colleagues – that a well-informed, no-surprises governing Board is never in doubt or concerned about performance or compliance information.

    PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS:    The ideal candidate for Executive Director will have:

    • Passion for service, and genuine affection, respect, and compassion for those served by FSA. Embodiment of values, style, and energy that sustain the generosity of spirit that is FSA’s hallmark.
      Extensive non-profit experience at the management level, or executive experience in business, government or the professions, with an extensive history of public service as a non-profit board member and/or public official in the field of human services.
      Familiarity with and ease in the culture experienced by residents of Santa Cruz and California’s Central Coast, or, evidence of the ability quickly to adapt to and succeed in this unique community environment;
      Though not essential for the leader who is a quick-learner and has the high level of emotional intelligence found in capable leaders of behavioral health organizations, familiarity with mental health services, and even clinical experience, is preferred.
      Profit and loss experience evidencing a high level of financial acumen and the ability to lead creatively in times of both surplus and financial exigency; entrepreneurial ability appropriate to a rapidly changing and turbulent funding and service environment. Evidence of anticipation of risk, sound judgment in crisis, grace under pressure.
      Ability to move an organization forward day by day in the context of the long view. Experience with successful implementation of plans, making intentions happen, both tactically and strategically, with planning, anticipation of challenges and surprises, monitoring of progress, attentive follow-up of outcomes and implications for next steps.
      Fundraising ability, with the tenacity to pursue the “yes,” and the durability to rebound from the “no,” fueled by an infectious passion for the work. A sophisticated understanding of how to engage friends, volunteers, and Board in attracting governmental, corporate, foundation, and individual support to provide resources essential to maintain a viable and sustainable business model.
      Highly developed communication skills, and especially the ability to listen and learn. Flexibility to be accessible and present to all constituencies – staff, people served and their families, Board, volunteers, funders, external colleagues, the community, City, State, and Federal policymakers.
      Understand the importance of advocacy, have a demonstrated ability to be the effective voice and face of FSA in the community. Also be dedicated to the role of the leader in advocating for staff and people served, grounded in values of social justice, fairness, appreciation of diversity, and the transcendent value of human dignity.
      Demonstrate the ability to motivate, mentor, and inspire an effective professional and volunteer workforce, to work selflessly and closely, in partnership, and in a position of leadership, with a diverse staff, in a style of respect and collaboration. The dedication to accessibility that enables staff to feel known and appreciated by their leader. The ability to delegate and avoid micromanagement unless necessary to support or train staff, balanced by a can-do and no-job-too-small readiness; great attention to interpersonal detail with unfailing attention to the big picture. The confidence to lead; the confidence to follow. A sensitivity to the critical importance of inclusiveness and the avoidance of even a hint of favoritism or partiality. The sensitivity to recruit, mentor, reward, and advance talented staff; appreciation of longevity of service; the sound judgment, patience, and confidence to hold staff accountable for their performance and to make difficult personnel changes when appropriate. An understanding of staff needs in an under-compensated professional field and the determination to reward performance and minimize staff turnover as a budget priority.
      An exemplary work ethic, authenticity, robust high energy, persistence, durability, impeccable integrity, a good sense of humor, and the humility that comes with a wise and caring view of the human condition.

      EDUCATION: Lifelong learning and/or educational achievement appropriate to the complexity of the position. Advanced degrees in social, clinical, educational or health services, and management or law, are highly desirable.

      COMPENSATION: Compensation will be competitive, probably in the range of $130,000 - $150,000, negotiable based on experience, plus generous benefits.

    Robert M. Fisher, Ph.D., President of Rusher Loscavio Fisher Nonprofit Executive Search (San Francisco Bay Area) is privileged to provide recruitment and leadership transition counsel to the Board of Family Service Agency of the Central Coast. We suggest review of both and FSA values diversity and encourages candidacy to all who are qualified. All discussions with prospects for this position will be treated with utmost discretion.

    We would be grateful to receive inquiries, expressions of interest, nominations, and applications in strict confidence at the following address:

  • Wednesday, June 01, 2022 9:41 AM | Tami Schmalz

    Independent contractor position opening in the Redwood City area.  Looking for a licensed therapist who wants to expand their private practice or start up your practice by teaching DBT Skills to a Multi-family DBT Teen group and providing individual therapy for Teens.  Referrals will be extended to you once you are trained.  The groups are on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  Currently, the groups are being taught virtually.

    The ideal candidate must be licensed and have experience working with teens.  Previous Intensive or Foundational training in DBT is preferred, however, I will accept those interested in being formally trained and supervised.  In addition, you will be joining our DBT team.  Our consultation team meets on Friday afternoons.

    Please contact:  Tami Schmalz,, 650-996-4618

  • Tuesday, May 03, 2022 5:03 PM | Ernest Schmidt
    Picture a private practice setting where you have unmatched training opportunities, an excellent clinical team for support and friendships, motivated clients that match your passions, a culture that highly values evidence based & quality therapy, an excellent compensation package that is fulfilling and honors your value, amazing administrative support, and lots of opportunities for connecting with co-workers. Click to see our 2 minute video on our Employment page!

    Be a part of a team that truly cares about their clients and staff, Palo Alto Therapy is for you!

  • Monday, April 04, 2022 10:22 AM | Deborah Licurse

    Peace-It-Together Counseling Agency-LMFT/LPCC- Part-Time Position

    Job Summary: 7 hours of Supervision per week-Virtual
    We have had considerable growth over the past two years and would like to invite another licensed MFT or PCC to join our team.

    You would be providing individual (triadic)supervision of mental health clinicians and interns virtually. We are a Medi-Cal provider and see private pay clients on a sliding scale fee basis. 

    There is one virtual monthly team meeting for supervisors.

    Please Contact: Deborah Licurse at

  • Wednesday, March 23, 2022 3:17 PM | Kera Burdick

    Looking to join a family owned business with weekly support and opportunities to collaborate with other therapists? Are you tired of working for a big company? I am the owner of a group private practice and we offer a warm and caring setting where you can work in private practice and not have to manage the business side of a solo practice. You can totally focus on doing what you do best, provide excellent therapy for adults!

    I have six  therapists who work for me. I am looking to hire 2 part time Licensed Marriage Family Therapists, LMFT, LPCC, LCSW, or Psyd or AMFT’s who have 1500-2000 hours of pre licensed experience, to see 8-12 clients per week on Telehealth and in one of my San Mateo offices during the week day hours of 9 am - 2 pm. I am looking for someone with experience working with adults in individual therapy with anxiety, depression, and parenting concerns. If you have experience with couples therapy that is a bonus, but not required. Experience with an electronic note taking system is required. We have group meetings on one Saturday morning per month 11-12 Noon and a weekly 30 minute phone check in for support and consultation.

    We are a growing practice with a supportive team of therapists! I have a group of child and teen therapists who work in the afternoons, evenings and weekends, and I am looking for 2 adult therapists to see clients between the hours of 9 AM and 2 PM. Often we have parents of our child clients who need individual therapy and I would like to provide this. I am looking for compassionate, energetic, organized, and customer service oriented therapists who would like to join our team!

    Kera Burdick, LMFT 


    Owner and Director 

    San Mateo Child and Family Counseling Center

    120 N El Camino Real

    1720 So. Amphlett Blvd. Ste. 220 D and F

    San Mateo, CA 94402

  • Tuesday, March 22, 2022 9:58 AM | Anonymous

    We seek to hire a highly qualified individual for a full-time position as an Academic Counselor at our Upper School campus. The position starts in August for the 2022-2023 school year. For information about our academic programs, please visit us at
    Position Summary
    The Academic Counselor will be responsible for performing a variety of duties involving the academic tracking and emotional and social counseling of students.
    Qualification Requirement

    • Doctorate or master’s in counseling or Clinical Psychology or a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
    • Experience assessing and treating children and adolescents.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Meets with students to determine reasons for low grades & provides appropriate intervention based on assessment.
    • Communicates with parents regarding student challenges when student requires additional intervention.
    • Completes miscellaneous research, reports and letters as requested and needed.
    • Provides recommendations regarding a students need for intervention, switching classes, academic and/or mental health needs.
    • Works with teachers to support student academic needs.
    • Works with learning specialist to best support student needs.
    • Meets with assigned new students and freshman at the beginning of the year, reviewing the time management worksheet. (upper school only)
    • Monitors, manages and responds to phone calls, emails and comments from teachers, parents and students, regarding academic and emotional concerns of students.
    • Monitors, manages and responds to academic concerns.
    • Counsels students experiencing academic, transitional, emotional and/or social difficulties.
    • Communicates with student advisors, division head, dean of students, assistant head of school, and parents regarding student progress when necessary.
    • Provides referrals to community resources for testing and long-term counseling.
    • In conjunction with the division head, prepares letters notifying parents of students academic status as needed, including occasional probationary periods.
    • Meets with parents of assigned new students and provides new student support.
    • Coordinates parent/teacher conferences for academic, transitional, emotional, and/or social difficulties.
    • Reviews, assesses, and responds to parent and/or teacher emails referencing concerns. If needed, forwards to the appropriate Division Head.
    • In conjunction with the learning specialist, informs and educates teachers about interventions required for accommodating students with learning differences.
    • Arranges logistics for presentations to faculty, parents, and students each year, including a yearly presentation on depression and stress
    • Assists with wellness program as needed.
    • Provides college counselors, registrar, assistant head of school; academic affairs and division head with information about and proposed courses of action for students they are concerned about, whether concerns are academic, social, behavioral, or emotional in nature.
    • Provides short-term triage counseling to students in crisis.
    • Attends weekly faculty meetings, new parent orientations, back-to-school nights, Open Houses, and Q and As. Prepares presentation for Q&As as necessary.

    Knowledge, Skill & Ability Requirements

    • Understands child and family development.
    • Understands child abuse reporting, basic counseling and record keeping requirements for a licensed MFT or licensed Psychologist.
    • Computer programs that support internal and external communications

    Physical Activities and requirements of the position

    • Ability to walk through the campus to monitor activity, visit all classrooms, and travel on school-sponsored trips
    • Ability to utilize technology relevant to the completion of job responsibilities

    Working Conditions

    • None: No hazardous or significantly unpleasant conditions

    Other Requirements

    • Ability to communicate in effective English with faculty, staff, vendors, etc. in person and by telephone
    • Strong customer service skills
    • Displayed proficiency in all related computer applications
    • Ability to successfully learn, navigate and use Harker’s internal programs and systems
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks simultaneously
    • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
    • Skill managing sensitive and confidential information
    • Maintain positive attitude
    • Must be self-motivated, with the ability to work independently and in a team environment
    • Ability to adapt to multiple situations and tasks

    This job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee. Other duties, responsibilities and activities may change or be assigned at any time with or without notice.
    Link to Job:
    Contact information: Jennifer Gargano,

  • Tuesday, March 15, 2022 5:49 PM | Marte Matthews

    Do you have friends who want leave the hassle of agency work? Or want to come back to work after years at home with the children? Child & Family Counseling Group is a private practice group in north San Jose serving children, teens, parents & families. We need part time therapists to join our growing organization. Please note we work with families in-person, using Covid precautions, both indoors and outside at a local park, so this job will include very limited telehealth hours. We have Zoom meetings with supportive team members including a social justice discussion group, occasional training and supervision/consultation. Thank you for your help to reach out to therapists who would like to join our group!

    Marté J. Matthews, MA, MFT 45249 (she/her)

    Clinical Director, Child & Family Counseling Group 

  • Monday, March 14, 2022 11:07 AM | Pablo Rodriguez

    Intensive Outpatient is seeking a licensed therapist. Must have experience with dual diagnosis population as well as IOP or Residential Treatment setting. Will be working with teens and their families and as part of a Multi-Disciplinary Team. Modalities include individual, group, and family therapy, as well as multi-family groups. Interest in running group therapy daily a must. Supervision by licensed psychologist included.

    We value work-life balance. This is a 30-40 hour, full-time position and we support your private practice. Be mindful that the program hours are always in the afternoon and evening, Monday through Thursday. The executive clinical director hosts a case consultation on Friday noon. Be on-call on some weekends.

    Benefits will be granted such as 3 weeks of PTO and health insurance options.

    For more info about our program visit

    Required education:

    • Master's degree
    • LCSW or LMFT or LPCC
    • Registered with the BBS in California

    Salary range: unlicensed, $24-$29; licensed $29-$34 per hour, depending on experience and qualifications.

    For priority consideration, please include a cover letter describing your interest in working with adolescents and your experience running process groups.

    Send resume to

    Locations hiring; Santa Clarita, Van Nuys, Pasadena, El Segundo and El Monte
  • Friday, January 14, 2022 8:53 AM | Jaclyn Long

    Mindful Child & Family Therapy (MCAFT) is a group practice in Los Altos and Half Moon Bay serving children, teens, adults, couples and families. We have a strong and supportive team of 11 therapists, as well as  two administrative staff members who help with intakes, insurance and paperwork. We are seeking to hire an Associate (post-practicum) or licensed professional  to join our team. Supervision and consultation in Internal Family Systems is provided. 

    Compensation for Associates (post-practicum) ranges between $40-$65 per client hour, depending on experience.

    Compensation for licensed therapists ranges between $75-$95 per client hour.

    For more information please visit:

    Please email Jaclyn Long, MCAFT's Director, at with questions or to submit cover letter & resume.

SCV-CAMFT                 P.O. Box 60814, Palo Alto, CA. 94306                      408-721-2010

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