Newsletter Article Guidelines

Members are encouraged to submit articles for publication in our newsletter. 
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  • Length: Articles 500-1,200 words; Announcements 75-250 words
  • Submit typed copy via e-mail to

Style of Submissions

  • Use short sentences and short paragraphs. Avoid loading sentences with unnecessary words.
  • In general, strive to make your points as briefly as possible, with each word adding something.
  • Reference key assertions with which others may disagree - inline and using a reference list.


  • As you prepare your article or announcement, ask yourself:
    What is my goal — to inform, to persuade, to motivate, to challenge, to respond?
    What exactly is this article about? What are the two or three key points I wish to make? Who is my audience? How much knowledge of this subject do I assume my readers have?
  • For announcements, please make sure you include all necessary information: what, why, when, where, how, and who.

newsletter deadlines

Newsletters are published quarterly. They are organized by theme, so when you submit an article it may be published in a future issue.  Feel free to write our editorial chair, Dominique Yarritu, LMFT for guidance. You can reach her at

Submit articles and inquiries to

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