Fall 2022  vol. 41, no. 3 

President's Message

by Dominique Yarritu, PhD, LMFT

"It reminded me, after a very busy and work-oriented summer, that "we are not intended to be in perfect balance all the time."

Community Focus

Interview with Perry Clark, LMFT and Dominique Yarritu, PhD, LMFT, SCV-CAMFT President

"...men come for the same issues [as women], it’s what triggers them that’s different."

Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (Part III) 

by Mark Mouro, LMFT

"Once we get past any initial intimidation, case consultation may be one of the best ways to ensure we are providing the best service we can."

Immigration Evaluation

Interview with Ellie Vargas by Liliana Ramos

"So not only are there layers of trauma but there are also people who have been holding it inside with no outlet and no one to share it with."

Cultural Humility and Social Justice

Interview with Dr. Sherry Wang by Liliana Ramos

"Social justice and advocacy work begins with being able to recognize where we have power and privilege;"

A Slice of Humor: Space
by Edna Wallace, LMFT

“I notice the twinkle in these men’s eyes,
their laughter, their flow. "

Upcoming Events

Private Practice 102: How to Grow your Practice (Marketing Fundamentals)

Presented by Jonathan TranPham and Dr. Carl Fleisher
Thursday, September 29, 12PM - 1PM


State of the Profession (1.5 CEUs)

Presented by CAMFT Executive Director, Joy Alafia, CAE
Wednesday, October 5, 12PM - 1:30PM 


Tour de Law and Ethics (6 CEUs)

Presented by Dave Jensen, JD
Friday, October 7, 9AM - 12:15PM and
, October 8, 9AM - 12:15PM


Presentation by Jessica Sorci, LMFT, PMH-C and Rebecca Geshuri, LMFT, PMH-C
Saturday, October 29, 9AM - 12:15PM


Online Support Groups

Pre-Licensed Support Groups:
First Fridays at 10AM w/Natasha Kazmi, LMFT
First Saturdays at 11AM w/Jim Arjani, LMFT

Newly Licensed Support Groups:
Second Fridays at 10AM w/Saru Sivanesan, LMFT

Third Saturdays at 1PM w/Della Fernandes, LMFT

SCV-CAMFT Therapist Support Groups:
Third Fridays at 10AM w/Nasrin Farr, LMFT and Cindy Gum, LMFT

Black Therapist and Associate Support Groups:
Fourth Saturdays at 10AM w/Erica Jenkins, LMFT

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