Spring 2023  vol. 42, no. 1 

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President's Message

by Dominique Yarritu, PhD, LMFT

"I would like to make amends and finally introduce you to our new board members."

Community Focus: Working with First Responders and Military Veterans

Interview with Nina Reyna, LMFT and
Liliana Ramos, LMFT, Director-at-Large

"Our first responders and military are not just dealing with the stress of their jobs but the stress of life and work."

DEI Column: Working with Asian Community

Interview with Adelina Hills, LMFT
by Liliana Ramos, LMFT, Director-at-Large

"I think maintaining curiosity is important. Just be humble and say, 'I need you to educate me.'"

Working with EMDR

Interview with Jim Arjani, LMFT
by Liliana Ramos, LMFT, Director-at-Large

"EMDR can give clients an experience of reprocessing something painful without having to talk about every detail."

Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (Part V) 

by Mark Mouro, LMFT

"This collage pieced together illustrated how complex the process of therapy can be."

A Slice of Humor: Getting Auth!
by Edna Wallace, LMFT

“I've only been 40 minutes on this call."

Upcoming Events

Nature as Co-Therapist: An Introduction to Ecotherapy

Presented by Rev. Connie Habbash, LMFT (3 CEUs)
Saturday, March 18, 1PM - 4:15PM

Hidden Villa, Los Altos

Somatic-IFS Informed Yoga & Movement: A mini retreat for therapists

Presented by Jaclyn Long, LMFT and LaDonna Silva, LMFT (no CE credits)
Friday, April 21, 1PM - 4PM

Michael's at Shoreline, Mountain View

Psychedelics Assisted Psychotherapy for Clinicians

Presentation by Jyoti Nadhani, LMFT (2 CEUs)
Saturday, April 29, 12PM - 2PM (lunch at 11:15AM)

Michael's at Shoreline, Mountain View and ONLINE

Online Support Groups

Pre-Licensed Support Groups:
First Fridays at 10AM w/Natasha Kazmi, LMFT
First Saturdays at 11AM w/Jim Arjani, LMFT

Black Therapist and Associate Support Groups:
Fourth Saturdays at 10AM w/Erica Jenkins, LMFT

Newly Licensed Support Groups:
Second Fridays at 10AM w/Saru Sivanesan, LMFT

Third Saturdays at 1PM w/Della Fernandes, LMFT

SCV-CAMFT Therapist Support Groups:
Third Fridays at 10AM w/Nasrin Farr, LMFT and Cindy Gum, LMFT

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