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Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy for Clinicians

  • Saturday, April 29, 2023
  • 11:15 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Michael's at Shoreline, 2960 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA


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Presented by Jyoti Nadhani, LMFT 

2 CE credits
This event will be recorded and available to registrants for 3 months.

Lunch buffet will begin at 11:15 AM. The presentation is 12 PM - 2 PM.

Michael Pollan’s 2018 book caused interest to explode. How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us about Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence pushed psychedelics mainstream. Reading it inspired many people to look for information about psychedelic therapy and opportunities to become guides or therapists. Providers are seeking training to become more informed about psychedelic experiences. They also want to know how to become certified to administer psychedelics in clinical trials and potentially become a licensed psychedelic therapist. In this presentation we will learn about how psychedelic assisted therapy is going to look like. We will focus on the legality and ethics. 

What to expect from this presentation:

  • The intricacies of doing psychedelic-assisted therapy with clients.
  • Traditional use of psychedelics and science/research in psychedelics.
  • 101 of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.
  • Why is this an important work?
  • Psychedelic therapies for trauma related disorders
  • Attributes and attitude of an ideal Psychedelic Facilitator

Program Goal

The goal of this program is to introduce an overview of different approaches to psychedelic assisted therapy, review methods of applying this therapy, and present the benefits to clients. 

Learning Objectives

At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Name three commonly held mistaken beliefs about psychedelic assisted psychotherapy
  • List the three major steps of ketamine assisted psychotherapy
  • Give five reasons that makes integration important
  • Name five side effects of using ketamine
  • Describe the four aftercare steps for ketamine assisted psychotherapy

    About the Presenter

    Jyoti Nadhani is an Immigrant Tech-Entrepreneur-Turned Psychotherapist. Currently she is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Jyoti started her career in business after receiving a MBA and then co-founding a software company in 2004, which was eventually acquired. To begin her career in counseling she did her Masters in Clinical Counseling from Palo Alto University. She is trained in MDMA assisted psychotherapy from MAPS, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy from Fluence and is training in Psilocybin facilitation from UC Berkeley. Jyoti primarily works with entrepreneurs, executives and families. Jyoti’s unique strengths as a therapist include: First-hand understanding of the demanding schedules of entrepreneurs and others working in a fast-paced environment. Jyoti’s philosophy is that all aspects of healing – emotional, physical, and spiritual – are needed to overcome your struggles and have a better life. For this reason, Jyoti is a certified yoga teacher and a practitioner of Vipassana meditation. In her free time Jyoti likes to hike in nature.

    Outline with timeline

    Traditional and current usage of psychedelics  - 15 mins 
    Psychedelics and Research      - 15 mins  
    Ketamine assisted Psychotherapy   - 30 mins  
    Ethical Right Relationship in Psychedelic Therapy  - 15   
    Who can benefit -15 mins
    What is integration - 30 mins
    Questions and Answers.    -15 mins


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    If you miss any of the presentation, you will not be eligible for the CEUs. This course meets the qualifications of 2 continuing education credit for LMFTs, LPCCs, LEPs and/or LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. SCV-CAMFT is a CAMFT-approved Continuing Education Provider (CEPA 052466).

    The views expressed in this presentation are those of the speaker and not, necessarily, of SCV-CAMFT. SCV-CAMFT can not be held liable for any damages arising from recommendations or advice given by our speakers or any actions or decisions arising out of the content of this presentation. Presentations at SCV-CAMFT events do not constitute an endorsement of the vendor or speaker's views, products or services.

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