Fall 2020 Vol. 39, No. 3

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President's Message 
by Jacqui Gerritsen, LMFT

"Here at SCV-CAMFT, we are working to adjust to this new world of doing everything remotely and online.  We are discovering that, while we miss seeing each other in person, there are some upsides to gathering online." 

Cultural Humility with Couples of Color 

Interview with Shirani M. Pathak, LCSW

“Growing up as a Brown immigrant woman, I thought I knew all there was to know about race, racism, and the racial injustices we see every day. When I learned about cultural humility I realized how wrong I was.”

Community Focus 
Interview with Maritza Henry, LMFT

"l call it the ‘Corona bonus’ because if we didn’t have this Coronavirus, we wouldn’t be at this place with the movement for social and racial justice."

Marty Klein on Couples 
by Marty Klein, LMFT, PhD

"With video therapy, unfortunately, some of our tools are diminished or lost. It’s harder to create the norm that clients do nothing else during session. It’s almost impossible to use our body to communicate. It’s much harder to use silence effectively."

Finding My Voice 
by Dariah Brown, AMFT

"After enduring 12 months of heavy didactic coursework in grad school, I felt prepared to begin my career as a therapist, but was that what I wanted to do for the rest of my life? Was I mature enough, or responsible enough to hold someone’s pain?"

Change is Inevitable 
by LaDonna Silva, LMFT

"Remembering Don Hadlock, founder of the Process Therapy Institute, reckoning with the loss of a mentor and friend, and acknowledging the inescapable reality of change.”

Volunteer Recognition 
Honoring Mary VanRiper, LMFT

We want to recognize board member Mary Van Riper, Director of Special Events, for her hard work in bringing the chapter together after COVID hit. Mary brought her research skills to the board and created the survey that we sent out in April.

New Board Member 
Welcome Junko Yamauchi, LMFT!

We are excited to welcome Junko Yamauchi to the SCV-CAMFT board of directors as the Director of Newly and Pre-Licensed Members!

A Slice of Humor 
by Edna Wallace, LMFT

Ever wonder what your furry friend is thinking while they eavesdrop on your at-home Teletherapy sessions? Keep reading!  (Plus, we have cute kitty pictures!)

Newly Licensed Members

Congratulations Peter and Natalie!

If you get licensed, please let the editorial committee know and we will gladly highlight you in the next issue of our newsletter!

From the editorial committee

Resources on anti-racism from statewide CAMFT, take one of the multiple Harvard implicit bias tests, integrate mindfulness and the body in couples therapy, and read what a therapist wishes he could tell his clients.

Upcoming Events

The New Science of Suicide Prevention
Live webinar with Benjamin Caldwell, PsyD

Play Therapy Through Telehealth
Presented by Paula Shuer, LMFT and Cecilia Long, LMFT

Hosted by Jacqui Gerritsen and Nancy Andersen

Introduction to EMDR
Presented by Kara Nossardi, MA, LMFT

Annual Member Celebration
Online this year!

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