Sage DeRosier Bio Cont.

Sage’s training includes approximately two years at Pathways Hospice working with individuals and families as well as groups to help them better navigate intense experiences of complex grief, traumatic loss, and bereavement. Sage worked for over five years in teams with other therapeutic professionals at Starlight Community Services to support at-risk youth and their families handling issues such as abuse and neglect, anxiety, anger management, attachment trauma, depression, developmental issues, family dynamics (conflict, separation and reunification…), phobias, as well as gender and sexuality issues. Sage trained for two years then practiced for several more at the Process Therapy Institute (PTI) using the dynamic, process-oriented model which is focused on facilitating powerfully reparative experiences rather than merely rehashing complaints and recounting life events. Most recently, Sage trained with the creator of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) and has been successfully facilitating ART sessions that leverage bilateral stimulation techniques to relieve clients of disruptive trauma symptoms.

Sage’s areas of special focus include anger management, depression, anxiety and stress, grief and loss, sexuality and gender, non-traditional relationship work, recovery from trauma, supporting transgender youth and their families, and navigating spiritual and existential crisis.

Sage has experience working with the court system, the Department of Probation, the Department of Children and Family Services; as well as Child Protective Services. She also has experience working with the Victim/Witness Program.

Sage lives in Silicon Valley with her spouse of almost 20 years. She’s a proud mom to two kind, honorable adult dudes and has spent the last couple of years enjoying her newest role as a grandparent. Sage is a film and theater arts buff, a writer of poetry, short stories, articles and books, and a lover of clean, clear, flowing sources of water. One of her passions is consulting with and supporting the growth of other clinicians. Her esoteric interests include various forms of divination and any system that provides deeper insight into the human condition.

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