Crisis Response Resources

Wild fires, earthquakes and flooding regularly devastate large parts of California. For those of us living and working in affected communities, SCV-CAMFT hopes that you, your colleagues, and loved ones are all safe.

covid-19 Crisis Response resources

San Mateo County department of health
Santa Clara County department of health
CAMFT Resource Page
BBS Resource Page

Telehealth Checklist

Crisis Response for Therapists

If you are interested in becoming involved professionally, explore the Crisis Response Education & Resources Committee (CRERC), established by CAMFT to support professional development in the field of crisis response. They have listed suggested trainings and resources to hone your skills. You can join the Crisis Response Development Group to receive email updates from the committee and to network online with other therapists interested in disaster intervention work.

The loss and devastation following a natural disaster can linger in the community long after the crisis itself has passed. Please see the links below for helpful resource materials compiled by CAMFT’s Crisis Response Education & Resources Committee (CRERC) to reference while helping those in need deal with the mental and emotional aftershocks.

Community Crisis Links

Santa Clara Valley CAMFT

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