Calming Your Anger Zoom Class - POSTPONED!

Thursday, November 03, 2022 5:00 PM | Michelle Farris

Due to a family emergency, this class has been postponed. If you have interested clients - they can sign up for my waitlist here

This is a 4 week Zoom LIVE class for those wanting help managing anger and other difficult emotions. Additional topics include self-care, setting boundaries, listening and effective communication skills along with nonjudgmental support!

Your clients will learn how to...

  • manage intense feelings (or let yourself have them) in the moment?
  • stop getting defensive and stay calm?
  • advocate for yourself without feeling bad about it later?
  • know how to walk away (without your partner getting mad)?
  • set boundaries to avoid overwhelm and resentment?

Dates include November 3rd,10th, 17th and December 1st. E-workbooks are included for each class.  Click here for details

Michelle Farris, LMFT and anger management specialist

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